Peoria Carp Hunters II

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Zac and Nate battle the invasive species again. We take what we did last year to new heights; employing new weapons, warriors, methodologies, and an unbridled excitement to killing this invasive species.

Music by Epic Score and Jaws (Soundtrack)

Duration : 0:5:51

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25 Responses to Peoria Carp Hunters II

  1. SMASHERCAM99 says:

    You sick minded …
    You sick minded monsters

  2. onelilscotty17 says:

    That was awesome, …
    That was awesome, u should try baseball bats

  3. seglatz says:

    nate is my naber
    nate is my naber

  4. 10acrewoods says:

    they need to allow …
    they need to allow you to shoot them like skeet with a shotgun.

  5. webbstock613 says:

    leave it up to Nate …
    leave it up to Nate to come up with such a great idea. funny to read the comments from the people who dont know just how much these fish destroy these rivers and the potential to take over the great lake, good job guys keep it up.

  6. TheSniperbait12 says:

    at 1:07 dont stab.
    at 1:07 dont stab.

  7. Casowsky says:

    Wow. This is …
    Wow. This is absolutely fantastic. Words can’t even… I don’t… I wish I could be this awesome

  8. drewman89 says:

    probably should …
    probably should invest in a cup as well

  9. jpsavedbygrace1982 says:

    Please make more …
    Please make more videos and post them soon. I am subscribed and eagerly awaiting.

  10. tjher25 says:

    Tickle Me Elmo @ 2 …
    Tickle Me Elmo @ 2:32? LOL

  11. kodiak450r says:

    if you lived up …
    if you lived up here you would understand. Asian carp are detrimental to the ecosystem of the great lakes. they are a larger fish therefore are dominant over the native species. native species cannot survive with the competition of these foreign invaders.

  12. rhyno373 says:

    The asian carp were …
    The asian carp were introduced to the waterway by mistake and are eradicating all the other fish. Killing them is actually encouraged

  13. point177 says:

    7 foot high …
    7 foot high fencing with fishhooks, towed behind the boat on a raft

  14. winchester2412 says:

    great video! you …
    great video! you should try a tennis racket with razor or barbed wire

  15. phishfearme2 says:

    this was done by …
    this was done by orofessionals?? professional whats?

  16. barkboy02 says:

    Fish activists …
    Fish activists everywhere will be floundering.

  17. skyhighsd says:


  18. Leongives says:

    2:30  Tickle Me …
    2:30  Tickle Me Elmo is even getting involved

  19. Murginator says:

    They’re a pest fish …
    They’re a pest fish, not dumb.

  20. davechrz says:

    Invasive species, …
    Invasive species, look it up.

  21. dr3w604life says:

    Peta just shat …
    Peta just shat themselves

  22. hepkitten says:

    you guys are * …
    you guys are *amazing*. one question: which option do i choose on my license app to catch fish with a garbage can? i can’t seem to find the “extra can” option.

  23. jstraw11 says:

    Need some Beavis …
    Need some Beavis and Butthead laughter and dialogue. Well done guys. You deserve some bounty moneys from FWS!

  24. BRoy21c says:

    Go out there with …
    Go out there with a boat paddle with nails coming through it.

  25. jstraw11 says:

    @reaper,,these fish …
    @reaper,,these fish are a menace to great lakes sport fishery,dumbass!
    These guys deserve a bounty.

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