Hunting Fallow deer in New Zealand#62

Walk with two professional hunting guides,with a long history of hunting in New Zealand.Get ready to hunting Fallow deer in a big chuck of land,a mixture of rolling hills cover with grass,native bush and a big section in mature pine plantation.This 3 hunts took over 23 hours and in 3 day to accomplish.Safe hunting.

Duration : 0:9:39

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24 Responses to Hunting Fallow deer in New Zealand#62

  1. waikarimoana says:

    No mate.
    No mate.

  2. waikarimoana says:

    Thanks mate very …
    Thanks mate very well said, we are registered pro.guides and we have been doing it since 1979,and he tell us how to do it.The rifle is single shot rifle and we don’t loud till 5 seconds before the shot is taken.Thanks agin mate.

  3. KiwiEllipsis says:

    This would depend …
    This would depend on the hunter, if you walk around with a round in the chamber with the safety on it would be a dangerous practice, but if you keep your chamber empty until you spot your target there is no danger in pointing your rifle into the distance to see what is there. It all depends on the hunter and how they hunt.

  4. waikarimoana says:

    No worries i will …
    No worries i will tell him!

  5. groundlight says:

    um id like to say …
    um id like to say to the guy at 1:30 you might want to buy some binoculars as using a rifle scope is bad practice and dangerous. never point a rifle if its to see whats there as worse case is you point it at someone by mistake. binos next time thanks.

  6. groundlight says:

    um ok mate your …
    um ok mate your clearly a vegan or simply retarded.

  7. waikarimoana says:

    No worries mate.
    No worries mate.

  8. ambergassassin says:

    Thanks for the …
    Thanks for the warning in the begining! lol Great footage!

  9. waikarimoana says:

    Yes mate Fallow …
    Yes mate Fallow deer was introduced to NZ from England in late 1800 for food and hunting.
    We have no season on hunting boar in New Zealand.

  10. DragonoftheEastblu says:

    Didn’t know they …
    Didn’t know they had fallow in New Zealand. Then again if there are Chinese Water deer in the UK, States and France then I guess fallow could be anywhere.

    I always wanted to go hunting in New Zealand. I hear you guys have such a wild boar problem that you don’t have seasons for them or a bag limit.

  11. amandaaveyardnz says:

    u reatard there is …
    u reatard there is plenty of skills required

  12. Bonzenpunk says:

    You have to know a …
    You have to know a lot of stuff about weapons and calibrating them , track reading, anatomy, behaviorism, seasons, wind directions, plants and so on… You cant eat a deer when the bullet hit for example the stomache (tastes “yuk” an the animal suffered). There are also laws and rules. you also learn a lot like (hopefully) respect for nature and patience, and you will eat a steak you shot by yourself in a different way then a burger a McD – you will think twice throwing away food then. :)

  13. waikarimoana says:

    That’s what you …
    That’s what you think!!!!!

  14. Ibizaner says:

    hunting is for the …
    hunting is for the silly one’s, no skills are required!

  15. wolfboy4166 says:


  16. waikarimoana says:

    No worries mate,no …
    No worries mate,no offense was taken,you have a very good day.

  17. gunauctionblog says:

    Sorry champ wasn’t …
    Sorry champ wasn’t trying to make fun of you was just a little confused by it

  18. Minikwon1991 says:

    gunauctionblog, why …
    gunauctionblog, why don’t you learn some respect you stupid bastard.

  19. RATCHET895 says:

    its just i’ve never …
    its just i’ve never been hunting so i dont know, but i wish too

  20. waikarimoana says:

    My apology for bad …
    My apology for bad spelling,i left school at 11 years old and went to work with 2 older brothers and my old-man to put food on the table for the rest of the family.With best regards to you.Tony

  21. waikarimoana says:

    They are used a …
    They are used a food.

  22. gunauctionblog says:

    Great video guys …
    Great video guys but i have a question, the English writing for the end of video tips – by ‘billed’ do you mean ‘build’? And i hope ‘boners’ it actually meant to be ‘bonus’? I’m not sure getting a boner over your survivor is going to help 😉

  23. thelichkingnerzhul says:

    + 1 subscriber too …
    + 1 subscriber too :)

  24. RATCHET895 says:

    what do u do with …
    what do u do with them after you kill them

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