Flintlock Muzzleloader Deer Hunting 2012

Flintlock Deer Hunting 2012. Late season deer hunting with flintlock muzzleloaders.

Duration : 0:5:31

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24 Responses to Flintlock Muzzleloader Deer Hunting 2012

  1. STEELDEEL12 says:


  2. TheCoDcoder says:

    Eat what you kill
    Eat what you kill

  3. HuntTrap13 says:

    Muzzleloaders arent …
    Muzzleloaders arent a very consistent shooting gun for me either, i shot a small deer this year at about 80 yards, i have a video up of it, check it out sometime

  4. kibera666 says:

    охуеть,бердань, …
    охуеть,бердань,лучшем ты тапор взял

  5. Shane Keener says:

    OK this should be …
    OK this should be on URHUNT.com where you get paid to make stuff like this.
    Its UNDER URHUNT TRAILER VIDEO if you are interested!

  6. TheNagant9130 says:

    you dont take a …
    you dont take a shot unless you have a good shot its just like shooting at noise cause what happens when you get a bad shot and it suffers

  7. bobby12346000 says:

    you guys ether …
    you guys ether miss or dont see anything no afensins

  8. fishj1993 says:

    By looking at the …
    By looking at the video of you and your deer. The deer isnt very big, but venison is venison gotta take it when it comes no matter fawn,doe,or buck.

  9. Ausbrid says:

    bows are awesome
    bows are awesome

  10. SuperAgnostic1 says:

    ahhhhhh the shot …
    ahhhhhh the shot was poor and he should have not taken it …. however for deer population managment fawns are the ones you want to cull….

  11. MrWillbarrel says:

    fawns are better …
    fawns are better eating you dickhead

  12. Nytowl7 says:

    Nice video guys, …
    Nice video guys, the only thing missing is the detail on how hard you probably had to work to get that deer. Looks like you were out their for a while, well done.

  13. scooterskip24 says:

    I’ve never seen a …
    I’ve never seen a deer cross a fast moving river like that, pretty cool, you guys must have pushed the crap out of that deer to make it cross like that. neat stuff

  14. spoolingaround says:

    Nice shot to the …
    Nice shot to the ribs, what a waste. Dog sized Deer !!!

  15. frittzy1996 says:

    Even if they did …
    Even if they did shoot a fawn it would be called deer management.

  16. kevinl678 says:

    I think cabela’s is …
    I think cabela’s is better than sportsmans warehouse

  17. kevinl678 says:

    That’s a long shot …
    That’s a long shot for a open sight.

  18. Leatherwoodoutdoors says:

    how do you know it …
    how do you know it was a fawn? We are not outfitters.

  19. theCodKiid says:

    wtf u doin …
    wtf u doin shooting fawns?????? your a frikin outfitter

  20. ESaylor4792 says:

    that river shot was …
    that river shot was insane

  21. Leatherwoodoutdoors says:

    shane was small …
    shane was small game hunting. You must wear orange for small game but for late season deer hunting no orange is required.

  22. ajcook1 says:

    Leatherwood …
    Leatherwood outdoors is awesome. Some of the coolest hunting videos on youtube. It looks like yall have a fine piece of property to play on.

  23. Kohlbaby10 says:

    Man that area …
    Man that area looks really squatchy

  24. greatsantini7 says:

    Is shane deer …
    Is shane deer hunting or small game hunting? cause i didn’t think you guys need to wear orange during latseason

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