First Crossbow Helicopter Hog Hunt

Barnett Crossbows™, one of the several brands owned by Synergy Outdoors™, is pleased to release the unofficial, first ever video of feral hogs being eradicated using a Barnett Ghost 350 Crossbow out of a helicopter. The video and hunt was arranged with the help of Heli-Hunter, located south of Dallas, TX. Matt Busbice, President of Synergy Outdoors and well-known TV personality from Wildgame Nation was the hunter asked to help with the eradication. Matt agreed and took it one step further and said, “Let’s try to do it with a crossbow”. Matt explains, “People thought it was ridiculous to even try to take hogs with a crossbow. There were so many elements working against me — moving targets, prop wash which can affect arrow flight, distance, downward angle adjustment, and cocking a crossbow by hand. The speed to reset the weapon is lengthened significantly compared to a firearm.” The video footage captures all the action and excitement of this eradication hunt. “It was all adrenaline and fist pumps when we succeeded in clean hits on the hogs. We knew we had accomplished something special, helping the landowners and beating the odds in this challenging scenario” explained Matt. The Ghost 350 crossbow is one of the lightest bows ever manufactured by Barnett. Weighing in at a light 7.6lbs, I could shoulder it and know as long as I considered the other factors it would be accurate. The 350 FPS speed provided plenty of power to get the pigs down.

Host – Matt Busbice
Videographers – Chris Williston
– Major Person
– Craig Meier
Edited by Chris Williston

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Heli-Hunter: (Craig Meier)

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NAP Broadheads

Hunters Safety System

Easton Arrows

Duration : 0:2:43

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25 Responses to First Crossbow Helicopter Hog Hunt

  1. lasourisaboyante says:

    “The Title must be” …
    “The Title must be” No thanks.

    “Headshot” Oh yes, you can wait for perfect shots every time, and utterly fail to kill enough to impact their population. Personally my priority is protecting our native species.

    Thanks to “animal rights” morons standing in the way for the last 20 years, the populations have gotten too large. So now we have no choice but to kill as many of them as we can as quickly as we can. And if some are wounded… tough.

    Grow up, and come to terms with reality.

  2. baumsau76 says:

    Look, i am not a …
    Look, i am not a Anti-Hunting-Guy but this Video has nothing to do with Hunting. The Title must be “First Crossbow Helicopter Hog CULLING”.

    Its ok for me, to shoot feral pigs. But why you make Culling a cruelty for the Pigs? Kill the pigs with a correct Headshot, every .308, 30-06 or so will do that right. Bow and Crossbow are better Weapons for Walk and Stalk or shooting from a Groundblind or Treestand, not from a Heli when the Animal is in fast Movement.

  3. lasourisaboyante says:

    “this is only …
    “this is only population controlling” At least you understand that.
    “but with the very wrong weapon in this case” There is no such thing. I don’t care what you kill them with, because the priority is killing them. You can play at your game of “one shot one kill” and fail to deal with the problem, or recognize what is more important in this case. Killing as many as possible.

    Ideally, people would wade in with shotguns shooting #4 buck to hit as many as possible.

  4. lasourisaboyante says:

    Uhuh. And every …
    Uhuh. And every hunter that sees your comment knows that you are a liar. But hey, lets see some videos of your crossbows!

    “I can tell your right now they can’t kill shit.” What you are telling us, is that you are a liar, and you don’t know shit. There are hundreds of videos of crossbows killing pigs with ease right on this site. Only a complete moron would make a claim like yours.

  5. Sabretoothl5 says:

    I own a 200lb …
    I own a 200lb crossbow, and a 260lb long bow. I can tell your right now they can’t kill shit. Not quickly anyway, the animal you shoot usually runs around screaming then collapses due to blood loss. Shotgun +pig =dead in 10 seconds

  6. lasourisaboyante says:

    “He never once said …
    “He never once said that you shouldn’t shoot them dipshit” Is your stupidity willful, or are you choosing to be an idiot?

    He stated he wanted to shoot a person with a crossbow.

    “crossbows and bows should not be used to kill things anymore, they have no stopping power ” ROFLOL! Now we KNOW you are an idiot!!


  7. Sabretoothl5 says:

    He never once said …
    He never once said that you shouldn’t shoot them dipshit, not to meantion crossbows and bows should not be used to kill things anymore, they have no stopping power and cause unnecessary pain to them. Theres a reason why this sort of hunting is banned in most countries. Sure kill them, but kill them with guns, instead of using them as archery targets.

  8. lasourisaboyante says:

    We’d find it funny …
    We’d find it funny if you actually got an education. But talking you is like talking to a retarded child. You can hope all you like, but the kid isn’t getting any brighter.

    Why don’t you tell us everything you know about feral pigs in the US, and explain why killing them is the right thing to do (this is an IQ test. If you can’t explain, then you are too stupid for us to help).

  9. lasourisaboyante says:

    Well then you might …
    Well then you might want to eat some meat, because your mental faculties are suffering.

    If you actually got an education, and spent some time reading about the feral pig issue, you’d know they are invasive, and are driving a number of native species to the brink of extinction.

    If you really cared about animals, and the ecology, you’d support trapping and killing every feral pig in North America.

    What is sick is your stupidity and hypocrisy.

  10. lasourisaboyante says:

    The priority is …
    The priority is killing the pigs, since they are a major threat to native species and agriculture. I don’t care if you kill them with toothpicks.  Just kill them.

  11. Drake Zoubai says:


  12. juki0h says:

    wouldnt be funny …
    wouldnt be funny as if you were using a gattling with tracers, lol.

  13. timmy101able says:

    I am all for …
    I am all for hunting and killing the hogs… But with a crossbow from a helicopter just seems cruel… You’re just basically hoping to hit center of mass, forget actual clean effective hits… With an AR or shotgun seems like a more humane way to go..

  14. SummitTwelve says:

    Cant tell which …
    Cant tell which one’s the hog..they’re both so fat and ugly

  15. SummitTwelve says:

    Gay intro
    Gay intro

  16. VeganDowner66 says:

    this is very true, …
    this is very true, however thatd take 100 years or more lol

  17. VeganDowner66 says:

    ok, fyi, im not …
    ok, fyi, im not vegan, thats a nickname my friends gave me for some odd reason, 2nd, WHY DO YOU WATCH THESE VIDEOS IF YOUR VEGAN?! DON’T WATCH IF YOU DON’T LIKE WHAT YOU SEE!

  18. baumsau76 says:

    maybe someone in a …
    maybe someone in a helicopter finds its funny, to shoot an arrow in your or neck. i hope you’d find that funny too! :-)

  19. FortuneSeek3rz says:

    If there feral pigs …
    If there feral pigs weren’t hunted there would come a day in the US where you literally wouldn’t be able to drive to work without seeing one. They would be everywhere.

  20. lvinh12 says:

    stop being a little …
    stop being a little and enjoy the fun 

  21. baumsau76 says:

    f… u, du …
    f… u, du hinterwäldlerischer doofmann.

  22. Drake Zoubai says:

    bitch its still …
    its still hunting

  23. stoptortureonanimals says:

    I’m vegan too, …
    I’m vegan too, idiot!

  24. MrAsianboi11 says:

    thats freakin …
    thats freakin awesome! i want to do that

  25. bossm109r says:

    I agree.Some city …
    I agree.Some city folks don’t under stand this they are like huge rats.
    Ask a farmer. Its seems cruel to some but for hard working farmers sweating busting there butts to only have hugs damage crops they planted .Killing hogs comes natural.

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