Can Birds See Bullets? [Hunting]

Many birds flinch right before the impact. Why is this?
I present some evidence – you decide for yourself.

Does the bird see the pellet?
Does he hear the muzzle blast?
Does he hear the pellet whistling?
Can birds see 1/10 second into the future? :)

All birds shot in this video are “pest species” as defined by the U.S. government. They can be shot at any time of the year.

The majority of the birds in this video were English House Sparrows. The name is a bit misleading – the bird is actually a finch. They are scrappy little farts, and their aggressive nature has made them the most abundant songbird in North America.

Read more about them at this website:

Seriously, READ – BEFORE you go shooting your mouth off about things you do not understand. Or, do a Google search on the House Sparrow. It will take you less time than writing a nasty ‘ol comment, and you may just learn a thing or two. Bird enthusiasts and ornithologists are on my side. Put that in your pipe, and smoke it! :)

“Without question the most deplorable event in the history of American ornithology was the introduction of the English Sparrow.” -W.L. Dawson, The Birds of Ohio, 1903

Equipment used:

Edgun Matador .22 PCP Air Rifle
JSB 18.1gr Exact Diabolo .Pellets @ 910fps
Hawke Sidewinder 30 6.5-20x42mm Mil Dot Rifle Scope
Seben DKA2 (same as Orion Steadypix) Camera Mount
Casio EX FC150 Slow Motion Camera (240 fps)
Harris Bipods (long and short)

Duration : 0:6:3

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22 Responses to Can Birds See Bullets? [Hunting]

  1. chicharitofan24 says:

    bird killer!

    bird killer!

  2. SyncMaster190T says:

    3:30 he is lucky :D
    3:30 he is lucky :D

  3. SuperJg4567 says:

    can you make some …
    can you make some more crow hunting videos?

  4. ChikoWhat says:

    Just so you know, …
    Just so you know, Birds can usually see at like 60 frames per second in real life, We can (on average) barely keep up with a movie at a Cinema which around 24 frames per second. So just imagine that their reaction time is almost half yours.

  5. MrSystemschock says:

    Motherfucking bird …
    Motherfucking bird killer….

  6. oilhammer04 says:

    I wonder if some of …
    I wonder if some of them think a fast bug is coming and they are getting ready to snap it up? But, they are too slow to get it in the mouth

  7. ce3jay says:

    im guessing the …
    im guessing the hear it

  8. jessegolf2411 says:

    @mamonsin I’m not …
    @mamonsin I’m not hating.

  9. jessegolf2411 says:

    @OxidePC true,but …
    @OxidePC true,but your not a cat.:)

  10. jessegolf2411 says:

    @bak0n0nt0ast Your …
    @bak0n0nt0ast Your protecting natural habitats from birds?Birds are not destroying our environment.Look it up.Their just living life just like you are.Have you really fooled your self into thinking, that by grabbing your BB gun and shooting birds your doing my part to save the world?

  11. bak0n0nt0ast says:

    @jessegolf2411 …
    @jessegolf2411 Respecting life sometimes means taking out invasive species that destroy natural habitats. But I don’t expect you to understand flawless logic, just emotional rants.

  12. iJustWayne says:

    yea like hiper said …
    yea like hiper said, i would imagine its from the sound of the gun.

  13. hiperborejac89 says:

    sound of gun?????
    sound of gun?????

  14. Wilmy030 says:

    Shoot them with …
    Shoot them with something like a .17HMR its supersonic id like too see if they flinch. My opinion is that the sound is getting there just before the bullet since its subsonic.

  15. patsprankcalls says:

    Earth to retards: …
    Earth to retards: dies all the time :/

  16. Xringer says:

    I knew that birds …
    I knew that birds had fast reaction times, but this is seems absolutely amazing. One theory is they are hearing the pellet in flight.
    The leading edge of the sound wave traveling ahead of the pellet is hear many feet away, but it’s rapidly getting louder.

    But it’s a lot more likely they are seeing the pellet coming towards them.
    Since I know it’s almost impossible to hunt Quail with a bow. They duck the arrow at the last millisecond.

  17. h6425 says:

    GOOD windage and …
    GOOD windage and elevation use there,well done nice kill’s

  18. SemtexBam says:

    1:54 HEADSHOT!! …

  19. busterbrownmusic says:

    first bird, …
    first bird, beautiful shot. im quickly becoming a fan of your videos!!

  20. erik818ws says:

    this guy should be …
    this guy should be an army sniper hes really good

  21. barfman23 says:

    Your a stone cold …
    Your a stone cold killer bro. Awesome video

  22. kamakaz717 says:

    most likely they …
    most likely they are reacting to the sound of the rifle due to it being subsonic. if it was a cartridge firing rifle they would be dead before hearing anything.

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