Redneck Fishing Tournament

Monster Fish: Flying Carp : SUN JUL 18 10P et/pt :

One group of angry sportsmen and women have decided to fight back against invasive flying carp by holding a carp-catching competition.

Duration : 0:4:13

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25 Responses to Redneck Fishing Tournament

  1. ford shelby says:

    what ever works :)
    what ever works :)

  2. Leon Luu says:

    I wanna do it
    I wanna do it

  3. anglerunderground says:

    i like your hat …
    i like your hat old redneck dude!

  4. ILuvBillieJoe2004 says:

    This looks so …
    This looks so freaking fun

  5. godzilar35 says:

    if the Russians …
    if the Russians lived there the carp would be endanger . lol

  6. Redneck3141 says:


  7. Redneck3141 says:

    aint gatta be from …
    aint gatta be from texas

  8. mashedperderders says:

    It’s happening …
    It’s happening tomorrow, I’m entered in it.

  9. real4version4videos says:

    i wish i was there

    i wish i was there

  10. CindyMae11 says:

    Y’all aren’t from …
    Y’all aren’t from Texas…so Y’all aren’t true Rednecks! ;o)
    Yee Haw!

  11. kabrin4507 says:

    Mustache Rides!!!! …
    Mustache Rides!!!! 6.99 or 2 for ten bucks!!!!

  12. xx99strrxx says:

    Great to know that, …
    Great to know that, after the advertisement, the video lags out and I can’t watch it<3

  13. lifestudent55 says:

    LITTLEROCKAR, I don’t think they care about your race. Anyone willing to help get rid of those Asian carp is welcome to. Come to Illinois sometime. We’ve got several active bowfishing groups who’d welcome you.

  14. TheElitefishing1 says:

    Are blacks redneck? …
    Are blacks redneck? NO! Dumb question !! ^^

  15. idacatguides says:

    @therealhacksaw I’m …
    @therealhacksaw I’m certainly not trying to be sassy…but you really do need to take your own advice. I’ve been to both, a WI Round Table and the MN’s Round table.

    Check your facts with

    The $650,000 “feasibility” study will be completed in December and announced to the public.

  16. idacatguides says:

    I could list off …
    I could list off all the invasive coming from foreign country’s through the St Lawrence Seaway…what does that have to do with making it easier for them to continue by using your tax dollars?

  17. idacatguides says:

    Just to be clear. …
    Just to be clear. The 4 plans that were on the table were for free migration of fish 12 months of the year. If it can swim or crawl it would/could move up and down stream at will.
    With 5 states in legal battles over containment of invasive and the WI DNR pushing HARD for a passage way, “needing a leash” is very very mild.

  18. idacatguides says:

    With all due …
    With all due respect Sir, I was at the meeting with the Corp of Engineers, the MN DNR and the WI DNR. The only barriers that came up at that meeting was the dam itself…and since we’ve had asian carp in the St Croix and Pool 2 along with the American Eel that spawns in the ocean, it’s not much of a barrier.
    The passage way that the WI DNR is pushing has NO barriers and is not about the fish.

  19. therealhacksaw says:

    Get involved with …
    Get involved with the process. I know the WI DNR has a “roundtable” just like MN DNR does where concerned citizens/sportsmen/and groups help shape the direction of the DNR. Here in MN it has been very successful and I am sure it is in WI as well.Call your local DNR office and get added to the guest list then go and speak your mind.Just a hint though prepare your statements beforehand that way you can leave “emotion” out of it and your fears/concerns will be better received.

  20. therealhacksaw says:

    the Wis DNR may …
    the Wis DNR may well be pushing for fish passage but make sure you understand that it is not without barriers that are highly effective against this type of invader.Electric barriers work extremely well.I don’t want these carp in the Mississippi or anywhere else but knowing and having discussed this with the top of WI DNR and many in the MN DNR fisheries I need to reign in your comment about the WI DNR “needing a leash” they have one it is you the sportsman.

  21. therealhacksaw says:

    What those of you …
    What those of you that are against this don’t realize is this…The asian carp was brought her by catfish farmers in Florida as an attempt to clean the water.What happened is they were successful.Too successful.The asian carp eats all the nutrients from the water leaving nothing for the native species to survive on.In a very short time the native species is weakened to the point that they can no longer survive.

  22. idacatguides says:

    Keep in mind all of …
    Keep in mind all of you Wisconsinites, IL isn’t that far away and the WI DNR is pushing for fish passage ways around the lock and dams….all the while the other states are suing and spending your money on trying to stop this.

    This could be the Chippiwa, Wisconsin, Black River along with the Mississippi.

    WI DNR needs a leash! And Please, don’t take my word for it. Do your own research.

  23. thesolo says:

    “Pay attention f*@$ …
    “Pay attention f*@$(%, we’re fishin’!”, hahaha!

  24. likes2aplay says:

    awesome video …
    awesome video thank ya

  25. MrKamikawam says:

    You should check …
    You should check out the new BENT series from REDFISHMAFIA , Fishing at its finest

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