Fishing Mississippi River Backwater Bass Fishing

This week we head to the backwaters of the Mississippi River for some jumbo largemouth bass. The midsummer bite can be awesome if you can find those drop-offs with timber on them. You can see full show at:

Duration : 0:7:7

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24 Responses to Fishing Mississippi River Backwater Bass Fishing

  1. pgoss78 says:

    Try weighing your …
    Try weighing your fish till you get used to the sight of the different size bass. But hey great fishing good video.

  2. CheeseheadFisherman says:

    You don’t say!!!!
    You don’t say!!!!

  3. JoshSquash333 says:

    Hey I have that …
    Hey I have that same net!

  4. ChristopherYang1 says:

    what is the name of …
    what is the name of the Town and area that you’re fishing on the mississippi River?

  5. TheSanDiegoFishers says:

    Check out my vids!
    Check out my vids!

  6. OneShotNoKi11 says:

    Dude, just shut up …
    Dude, just shut up and watch the video. You don’t like it, nobody asked you to watch the video.

  7. dedavis876 says:

    5 pounds …
    5 pounds HAHAHAHAHA What ever more like 2 pounds.


    dude i wonder why …
    dude i wonder why you dont put the fish on scales???? weigh the fish so we can see you catch these 5 pounders all day cuz to me it seems like bullshit and you look like a douche as well

  9. janiga2001 says:

    oooooooooh my gawd …
    oooooooooh my gawd. Hoooooly cOOOOOw. ya, there hey I am from Minnesoooooota

  10. kgen42k says:

    Check out Fish.MS …
    Check out Fish.MS Forum community and MUCH more to come!

  11. CynicOfAll says:

    What pool is that?
    What pool is that?

  12. agrowingtime says:

    Hate to watch a …
    Hate to watch a fish’s jaw get torqued. It can damage their jaws. Got to be more careful in handling a bass especially while playing catch and release.

  13. IveNeverSeenThtB47 says:

    if thats 5 pounds …
    if thats 5 pounds im 167 pounds.

  14. yujiggtoslashyoshi1 says:

    “hes a big boy, oh …
    “hes a big boy, oh boy!” lol

  15. TRMORGA69 says:

    I love the sound …
    I love the sound of braided line

  16. TBCyakAlan says:

    go away for that …
    go away for that comment…

  17. bordersoldier says:

    damn spin cast …
    spin cast sounds like an old toyota that wont start

  18. maxbassin says:

    Great video! Just …
    Great video! Just goes to show you don’t need a high dollar boat and gear to have a great day of bass fishing.

  19. thesoulofjapan says:

    Why do you catch n …
    Why do you catch n release?

  20. clevinski says:

    I agree; buy a …
    I agree; buy a scale.

  21. nealbassin says:

    thats about a five …
    thats about a five pounder, min. 4, look how thick it is.

  22. Christian7thSF says:

    This guy has such …
    This guy has such a canadian accent…not a redneck at all.

  23. kingsisland1andonly says:

    Nice bass how much …
    Nice bass how much it weigh?

  24. angelmh84 says:


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