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From Hunting to Hired: Ten Solutions for Job Searching in a Tight Market

  By Dr. Richard Bayer, Chief Operating Officer of The Five O’Clock Club and author of   The Good Person Guidebook: Transforming Your Personal Life   (Five O’Clock Books, 2008, ISBN: 978-0-944054-16-1, $14.95) Consider relocating.  A critical mistake that job … Continue reading

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Visiting Lake Hubbard Fishing Resort

Lake Hubbard is one of the largest lakes in the United States. On itself, it is the ideal place for freshwater fishing. The lake has a total area of nine thousand acres. And so if you are a serious fisher, … Continue reading

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Going on an African Hunting Safari

Many people love the notion of going on an African hunting safari and feeling the cool African air as they cruise through the jungle. The thought of it is enough to create vacation dreams for many North Americans, yet translating … Continue reading

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Atlantic Coast Saltwater Fishing

Anglers fishing along the Atlantic Coast might choose to fish from the surf, jetties, piers, inlets, bridges, or by boat. The wide variety of saltwater fishing locations along the Atlantic Coast allows anglers of any age, sex or physical condition … Continue reading

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Job Hunting Got Easier with New Generation Job Search Tools

Nowadays, job hunting is no longer a headache for job-seekers. They know how to take maximum benefits of technology in job searching. Internet and mobiles have become new generation job search tools. There are several reputed job portals offering job … Continue reading

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Double the Excitement With Fishing Games to Play

If you’re a real fisher, you can never get enough of the thrills you acquire as you fish during the day. As you get used to the waters, you begin looking for steeper challenges and better adventures. This is why … Continue reading

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How can I find hunting land local to my house?

I want to have hunting land near my house that i can walk to and not have to drive. Is there a website a can go to to see local hunting land? Thanks. keep an eye out a you drive … Continue reading

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How Many pounds of a fish can i catch with a 10-25 pound line test on a ugly stik fishing rod?

I Just Bought a uglystik thats 7 feet tall and says 10-25 pound line im going on a fishing trip to the ocean and expecting to catch a 50 pound fish is this possible and how? Dose a Fish weigh … Continue reading

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NBC 33: Creepy Louisiana Hunting Pics

Caught this on the morning Baton Rouge, La news. It seems that Louisiana hunters are catching creepy pics of ghosts/demons/paranormal/zombies, whatever you want to call them, on their wild game cams that they set up in the woods to take … Continue reading

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Destination Panhandle – RED SNAPPER fishing

Capt. Blair fishes the Florida Panhandle for kingfish, red snapper and whatever else shows up with Capt. Leo Collins. Join the Mogan Militia @ Stay Connected @ Duration : 0:20:22 Technorati Tags: boats, deep sea fishing, discussion, fishing, … Continue reading

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