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What Vehicle is Best For Hunting?

What vehicle to use to scout or hunt is a decision largely based upon availability. Some hunter’s use elaborately set up rigs with big recreational vehicles sporting a canoe on top trailing an all-terrain two, three, four, or more wheeler … Continue reading

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Basic Carp Fishing Tips

Carp fishing can be a frustrating yet exciting type of fishing. This is because carp fish are adept at blow sucking and blowing. Carp usually stay eating on the surface of the water as long as food such as bread, … Continue reading

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What methods of hunting Cottontail rabbits would be suggested to a completely new hunter?

I would think I would like to use a combination of methods. Id like to learn more about tracking, trapping and other types of non-firearm hunting; As well as methods of which firearm is best used to not destroy the … Continue reading

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Using a GPS During Hunting Season

How many hunters use a GPS while their hunting? Well I know I use mine all the time, even when I’m not hunting! When I go out somewhere that I haven’t ventured to before, my trusty GPS goes with me. … Continue reading

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Bow Fishing – Help Tips and Advices

Have you ever tried bow fishing? Also known as archery fishing, this type of fishing is quite a popular game wherein an angler or fisher utilizes the usual archery equipment to catch fish. A regular type of bow is likewise … Continue reading

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Moose Hunting Danger !!!

Is Moose hunting dangerous? Check it out! Duration : 0:1:29 Technorati Tags: Älg, archery, bear, big, bow, call, calling, calls, chasse, close, danger, dangerous, deer, elk, game, hunting, jackass, jakt, moose, mosse, mule, prank, sports, videos, wildlife, winter

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Hatcam Fishing Video

A great day of Bass and Walleye fishing all captured on the hatcam. The hatcam allows for hands free video recording. Go to to get your own. You’ll never fish without it again! Duration : 0:5:1 Technorati Tags: bass, … Continue reading

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Looking for Deer Hunting Tips: Don’t Get Caught With Buck Fever

Ever heard of the story of the hunter walking right off the tree stand forgetting it is 13 feet off the ground? (Thank god for safety straps.) How about the time someone seemed paralyzed and couldn’t even get the rifle … Continue reading

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Basic Fly Fishing Tips for Newbies

Fly fishing is one of the fastest growing games in the US. But more importantly it is considered one of the most popular sports that help in the conservation of natural resources, especially the aquatic one. Fly fishing is quite … Continue reading

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Deer and Deer Hunting – What You Must Know to Be a Top Deer Hunter

When it comes to deer and deer hunting, if you really want to become a top notch deer hunter, you will need to take some very important steps. Success with anything doesn’t just happen by chance or luck-almost all of … Continue reading

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