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Hunting Dogs – Basic Training Tips

Even if you were an avid hunter, there would have been many instances of misfiring and even if you have aimed right you would not have fetched the hunt for obvious reason that you could not track it. Should you … Continue reading

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Fishing in Panama

Fishing is a truly global form of recreation. You can do it nearly anywhere there’s water. Nevertheless, there’s a world of difference between dipping your line over the bridge at the local river and enjoying a truly great fishing destination. … Continue reading

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What hunting season are open over the summer?

Last night I came out to the living room and my brother was watching hunting on the outdoors channel. And he started talking to me about how he would like to take a week long trip and go hunting. So, … Continue reading

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What type of fishing line is best for fishing on the shore at a lake?

So my friends and I love to fish. We fish on a river about everyday. We never fished at a lake before so we are going tomorrow to lake michigan. We don’t have much money to get a boat so … Continue reading

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Why Having the Safest Hunting Equipment is a Must When Hunting

There are different types of hunting equipment for emergency situations. It includes high quality rifles or hunting weapons, first- aid box, knife and saw, a loud whistle, long rope, cell phones, shelter blankets, marker tapes, plastic bags and adequate food … Continue reading

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Big Game Fishing on the East African Coastline

Some of the most exhilarating and challenging deep-sea fishing is available in the blue waters of Shimoni. But you have a better chance of catching a Striped Marlin from the Pemba Channel than anywhere else in the world. Traditionally when … Continue reading

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Dog Breeds for Hunting Rabbits and the Beagle Dog Breed

The best dog breeds for hunting rabbits are any member of the hunting dog group with a good nose for scenting game and a willingness and ability to follow a scent trail without becoming distracted. If you are not sure … Continue reading

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Fishing: a Cool Thing to Do in the Outdoors

If you like outdoors, especially shallow or deep waters, fishing could be one hobby you might contemplate. Of late, the hobby is becoming expensive, with the costs of rods, lines, hooks and tackles going up. Add to that the costs … Continue reading

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Quail Hunting – The Sport of Kings

Quail hunting has often been called the aristocrat’s sport. Maybe it is because you are not required to get up before dawn and freeze in a blind for many hours before you can take your shot as in duck hunting. … Continue reading

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Deep-Sea Fishing in Cancun

Every day off the coast of Cancun, scores of visitors are introduced to the ultimate Caribbean sport. Aboard all types of boats – from tiny fishing vessels to luxurious private charters – tourists of all ages have a chance to … Continue reading

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